Fidget360 - Cooper Weiss
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About This Project

Always fidgeting around with your hands? Here is the solution. Fidget360 started as an idea in my basement and exploded into a viable and profitable company in just a few short months. Shortly after starting our add campaign we made $15,000 within in the first week.

The product we are producing is called a fidget spinner that we designed and 3D print. The product is meant to help people who have ADHD. Recent studies have shown that when your brain is doing two things at once, it focuses on the primary task. With our effortless and smooth spinners, we provide that ‘second’ substitute so you can focus on whatever you were doing. While the product helps to calm down people who suffer from ADHD, we have found a lot of interest from other target consumer groups as well.

We just teamed up with Gerard Adams (Founder of Elite Daily) and his new incubator program in Newark, NJ. Gerard has decided to invest in our company and will be helping run our marketing campaign and branding. As an outreach program, we will be giving 3D printers to the new Fownders Factory which will be used to employ disadvantaged youth in Newark, New Jersey.